Ref :  52b21134

Huile essentielle Bio de Cèdre de l'Atlas (Atlas Cedar organic essential oil)

The cedar is a majestic tree native to the Middle East and North Africa. In some places, it is considered a sacred tree, or the "tree of strength". Cedar has been known since Antiquity for its many virtues. Cedar wood is insect and pest repellent: the Egyptians used it to preserve mummies! It takes around 3kg of cedar wood to obtain 100ml of essential oil. Organic Cedar essential oil is certified by Ecocert in Organic Agriculture FR -BIO 01. All our essential oils meet the quality criteria of the HEBBD or HECT logo. They are all 100% pure and natural. Organic cedar essential oil is selected with respect to the botanical identification of the plant and its producing organ, and its verified chromatography makes it a chemotyped organic cedar essential oil. We recommend keeping the bottle of organic cedar essential oil closed and away from light. Our organic Atlas cedar essential oil bottles are made of amber glass and fitted with a child-resistant dropper cap. The properties of this ORGANIC Atlas cedar essential oil are thus preserved, preserving all its benefits and providing you with optimum quality of use.