French Pork Industry Gains New Ground in China: A Boon for Exporters and Global Buyers

April 14th 2024

On May 6, a landmark trade agreement was signed between French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping, marking a significant milestone for the French pork industry. This new protocol, allowing the export of French pork offal—specifically pork stomachs and pork intestines—to China, signals a robust expansion in the trade relations between the two countries. The initiative has been warmly welcomed by industry bodies such as Inaporc and Culture Viande, recognizing it as a result of concerted efforts by French authorities, the French Embassy in China, the DGAL, and FranceAgriMer.


Boost in French Pork Exports

The agreement is set to catalyze an immediate increase in French pork exports to China. Industry experts predict a 10% rise in export revenue, further cementing China's position as the leading destination for French pork products. In 2023 alone, French pork exports to China were valued at 260 million euros, highlighting the strong demand and the strategic importance of this market.

For international buyers, this development underscores the quality and reliability of French pork products, known for their adherence to stringent safety and quality standards. The new export agreement opens additional opportunities for foreign distributors and processors looking to source premium French pork offal, a product in high demand in Chinese cuisine but less consumed in Europe.


New Market for Under-Consumed Pork Products

The deal aligns with the French pork industry's broader commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By exporting pork offal—a product less popular in Europe but cherished in Chinese culinary traditions—French producers are not only meeting market demand but also optimizing the use of every part of the pig. This practice, often encapsulated in the saying "Nothing is wasted in pork," reflects a deep-seated efficiency and respect for resources within the industry.

For professional buyers and foodservice providers worldwide, this strategic move presents a unique opportunity to diversify their product offerings with high-quality French pork offal, aligning with global trends towards minimizing food waste and maximizing resource efficiency.


About Inaporc

Inaporc stands at the heart of the French pork industry, representing all facets of the supply chain—from feed manufacturers and pig farmers to cooperatives, slaughterhouses, and charcuterie producers. Supporting 130,000 jobs across France, with 25,000 directly in pig farming, Inaporc plays a pivotal role in ensuring the industry's sustainability and growth.

For international stakeholders, Inaporc's involvement ensures that the French pork products they source are backed by a robust and comprehensive network dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of production, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship.


Expanding Horizons for Global Buyers

As the French pork industry continues to innovate and expand its reach, this new trade agreement with China exemplifies its commitment to meeting global demands while promoting sustainability. Buyers around the world can now look forward to an enhanced availability of premium French pork products, renowned for their quality and adherence to rigorous production standards.

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