French cosmetic industry commits to water sobriety: Best practices and innovations

April 17th 2024

Water is essential for life and a critical component in many cosmetic products. To preserve water for future generations while continuing to offer innovative, safe, and high-quality products, the FEBEA has released a guide of best practices specifically tailored for the cosmetic sector. This document reflects the collective commitment of industry companies to safeguard this precious resource.


Challenges and Awareness

The guide highlights the water-related challenges faced by cosmetic industry professionals. It emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about water sobriety within the industry.


Best Practices

The FEBEA provides a checklist of 11 concrete recommendations to help cosmetic companies achieve their water sobriety goals.
These recommendations include:


  • Adopting water-efficient ingredients and formulations.
  • Implementing advanced wastewater treatment.
  • Educating teams about the importance of water conservation.

Collective Engagement

This guide is the result of collaboration among FEBEA members and various stakeholders. It aligns with a collective approach to anticipate future legislative or regulatory requirements and fully integrate the cosmetic sector into the ecological transition.

Cosmetic companies can use these best practices as a foundation to drive change within their own organizations and contribute to this collective effort. You can download the complete water sobriety guide directly from the FEBEA website (french).

This guide underscores the commitment of the cosmetic industry to water preservation—a vital resource for our planet.


Global Impact and Opportunities

For global cosmetic companies and professionals, this initiative by the French cosmetic industry offers a roadmap for integrating sustainable water practices into their operations. It highlights the potential for innovation and collaboration in creating eco-friendly products that meet both consumer expectations and regulatory standards.

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