France, leader in Local Fair Trade in Europe

February 26th 2024

As it is right now shown to every lucky visitor of the 60th International Agriculture Show, France has taken the lead in Europe in labeling its own producers. In France, the growth of local fair trade owes much to initiatives in every region, such as Ethiquable or Alter Eco, and the grassroots movements of small-scale farmers. Legislation provides a framework, along with the 'Origine France' fair trade charter, supported by eight labels certifying products or services.


The Trailblazers : In France, Alter Eco and Ethiquable have championed a new fair, organic, and local approach since 2011. They support small French farmers and adhere to a charter aimed at preserving small-scale agriculture.


Fair Trade Legislation : French legislation recognizes fair trade and outlines specific conditions for commercial relationships to qualify. Each company must ensure product traceability and engage in awareness-raising activities.


Role of Fair Trade : The recent French climate law recognizes fair trade as promoting environmentally friendly production methods, mandating the use of a label for companies claiming involvement in fair trade.


National Charter : Established in 2014 and renamed in 2018, the charter provides a reference framework for fair trade practices with 3 main principles :

  1. Commitment to Fair and Responsible Business Relationships
  2. Commitment to Sustainable and Socially Responsible Agriculture
  3. Commitment to Transformative Business Practices


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