IN GLOW Slim Inside

The draining slimming cure in stick form to reduce toxins, curb appetite and reduce fatigue. For an energized body ready for weight loss!
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Product composition Prickly pear cactus powder (Opuntia ficus indica ratio 10-20:1) 1000mg, Dried black tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis ratio 2.5-3.5:1) 440mg, Dried green coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora P. ratio 6-9:1) 200mg, Guarana bean extract (Paullinia cupana ratio 3-5:1) 125mg, Magnesium 25mg (10% of NRVs*), Cinnamon bark solids (Cinnamomum verum ratio 5:1) 50mg.
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