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Calvados Domfrontais AOC-3 years old

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Labels & Certifications AOC
Alcohol content <50°
Product composition The production of Calvados is a know-how that is passed down from generation to generation on the Grimaux farm. Initiated by Claude Pacory in 1959, this production has forged a name and a reputation over the years and the work. The distillation is carried out on the farm with the still dating from 1939.
Claude, then today Frédéric, have chosen to work with a fruity Calvados, hence the aging in old oak barrels in order to free themselves from the tannins of the wood. Another specificity of Calvados Pacory is the percentage of pear which is at least 60%.
The barrels are stored in our various cellars with different hygrometry where the assembly takes place. Very subtle but essential work to produce exceptional Calvados. This know-how requires a perfect knowledge of each of the barrels and a trained palate.
Calvados 3 years is a blend of Calvados Domfrontais 3 years old. It is the youngest of our range.
This Calvados is aged in old oak barrels. During its ageing, it is racked into another barrel every 6 months. This is to oxygenate and soften the Calvados.
This Calvados is a must to discover Calvados Domfrontais. Resulting from the distillation of young ciders and perries, it has very pleasant aromas of flowers and fruits.
Type of spirit Calvados
  • AOC