Yves Rocher takes a step towards a greener future with Act Beautiful

April 17th 2024

Yves Rocher, the renowned cosmetic brand, has just announced their new program, Act Beautiful. This initiative aims to reduce their environmental and social impact while staying true to their mission of revealing, protecting, and transmitting the power of plants.


Ten Key Commitments of Act Beautiful

  1. French and effective Plant-Based Cosmetics:Yves Rocher focuses on using plant-based ingredients to create high-quality products
  2. More natural formulas limiting controversial ingredients:They prioritize healthier and more transparent compositions
  3. Reducing plastic through new beauty gestures:Steps are being taken to minimize plastic use in packaging
  4. Certified organic plants grown in Agroecology:Emphasizing environmentally friendly agricultural practices
  5. More sustainable sourcing of botanical ingredients:Traceability and sustainability are central to their sourcing choices
  6. Cosmetic industry more sober in energy and water:Committed to reducing energy and water consumption
  7. Employees mobilized for nature:Yves Rocher teams actively participate in biodiversity preservation
  8. Increased support for Yves Rocher Foundation actions:The foundation is dedicated to protecting nature and plants
  9. Collective actions to green everyday life:Initiatives to green urban spaces and raise public awareness

Alexandra Ferré, Director of Impact & CSR at Yves Rocher, says: “As leaders in sustainable beauty, we bear the responsibility of redefining the standards of our industry to reconcile beauty and the urgent need to take care of the planet. This is the ambition at the heart of Act Beautiful, our call for collective mobilization that I am very proud to unveil today.”


Act Beautiful is a significant step towards more responsible and nature-friendly beauty.


Global Impact and Opportunities

For global cosmetic companies and professionals, Yves Rocher's Act Beautiful program offers a blueprint for integrating sustainable practices into their operations. It highlights the potential for innovation and collaboration in creating eco-friendly products that meet both consumer expectations and regulatory standards.

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