Tastin’France 2023: Success in the Nordic Wine Scene

November 21th 2023

The 2023 Tastin’France event in Sweden and Finland marked a resounding success, hosting 34 French producers in Stockholm on November 6th and 32 in Helsinki on November 8th. Stockholm set a record with over 200 industry professionals gathering at the Grand Hôtel's Vinterträdgården to sample wines, spotlighting the Rhône Valley. Helsinki witnessed the largest Tastin’France event yet, drawing 150 Finnish and Estonian visitors to the esteemed Valkoinen Sali, showcasing wines from the Loire Valley.


Business France Finland, in tandem with Paris headquarters, has significantly amplified these events since 2022, meeting growing demands from French producers and Nordic importers.


Prior to the Helsinki tasting, a market presentation occurred at Alko Oy's flagship store, emphasizing France's presence with 2417 French products in their assortment.


Since 2022, alongside the Stockholm tasting, Business France organized a forum uniting producers, importers, and the Swedish state monopoly to address sustainability and climate change concerns.


This forum provided a platform for discussing challenges, including sustainable packaging versus wine quality and broader concerns like public health and wine storage. Business France now facilitates ongoing communication between producers and importers, signaling potential business collaborations.


Stay tuned for the 2024 Tastin’France in the Nordics and the continuation of this forum in Sweden and Finland. Business France remains a linchpin in fostering connections among wine industry stakeholders.