Business France sprints ahead with new Sports Solutions sector

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November 24th 2023

In an era marked by significant sporting events, including the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics, Business France is excited to unveil its latest addition to the marketplace—the "Sports Solutions" sector. This expansion enriches our already diverse offerings, positioning French innovation at the forefront of the sports industry.


A Timely Expansion

The introduction of the "Sports Solutions" sector is timely as the world turns its eyes towards France for the Paris 2024 Olympics. While the Games are an exciting backdrop, the focus of our new sector is to provide year-round, sustainable sports solutions that cater to a global audience.


What "Sports Solutions" Offers

Our "Sports Solutions" sector is designed to meet the growing demands for advanced sports technology and services. From enhancing athletic performance to revolutionizing fan experiences, these solutions embody the pinnacle of French innovation and expertise.


The French Edge in Global Sports

As we expand our offerings, Business France is not just introducing products and services; we are showcasing French leadership in the sports technology field. This move is set to attract international businesses and buyers looking to elevate their game with cutting-edge solutions.


Keep Connected

The official launch of the "Sports Solutions" sector is just around the corner. We invite our international community to stay tuned and connect with us as we roll out this exciting new chapter. Discover how French ingenuity can transform the sports landscape and create new opportunities for growth and collaboration.