WINEMAJOR Château de Clotte

Region: Gironde

Who are we

Château de Clotte was created in the Age of Enlightenment. It was in 1782 that the famous Bordeaux family of magistrates, Roy de Clotte, had the château built and gave it its name. Nestling in the heart of the appellation d'origine (AOC Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux), our 20-hectare vineyard is carefully planted on the most precious terroirs. The clay-limestone soils, rich in minerals, give our grapes remarkable depth and complexity. The wooded hills surrounding the château create an ideal microclimate, offering natural protection from the elements and fostering optimal growing conditions. Each harvest is a meticulous celebration of the alliance between the hand of man and the generosity of the earth, a harvest that captures in each grape the very essence of our terroirs.

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WINEMAJOR Château de Clotte
Lieu dit Clotte
33350 Gironde