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It is in a preserved environment that Château Escabes Domaine of HAUCHARD Family, is anchored in Lisle-sur-Tarn. Perched on the heights, this 17th century castle benefits from an exceptional location. Rooted on the right bank of the Tarn and benefiting from a microclimate, at the crossroads of oceanic and Mediterranean influences, this little-known estate is a hidden gem in the heart of a remarkable terroir of the AOC Gaillac. Creative freedom and a passion for beauty are found in the production of Chateau ESCABES wines. Attached to the Gaillac tradition, we wish to magnify it by releasing its full potential and cultivating our free expression. Our wines reflect this particular, fundamentally free way of doing things, which we want to pass on to those who have a taste for exploration.

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Château d'Escabes
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