Who are we

ZENAT is foremost the story of Jérôme & Nicolas! Once upon a time, there was Jérôme and Nicolas, two partners and friends like no other, in love with natural and unique flavours. Jérôme is a sportsman in love with nature and good things. Nicolas is a hard worker with a curious taste buds. Epicurean accomplices, our two gentlemen have always been lovers of exceptional products offered by the best craftsmen. At their friends in the shops everything is there: tasty pastries, crispy breads with airy crumbs and all kinds of refined dishes, but no nectars worthy of the name could accompany the delicacies that they found every day. For our two friends, taste-wise, it's unthinkable! They therefore decided to create a premium brand of organic fruit juice, which would become the extension of the know-how of all quality retailers and craftsmen. Never again will they taste juice without taste and flavour ! This is the birth of ZENAT. ZENAT is the contraction of Zen and Natural because it is true that Jérôme & Nicolas have for adage a Zen mind in a natural body! The ZENAT adventure started at the end of 2014 with only 2 juices, a lot of passion and enthusiasm! Today, the range of products, composed of 10 ORGANIC juices and 4 infusions, is appreciated day after day by our partners and makes ZENAT a key player on the market of top-of-the-range ORGANIC drinks! By the end of 2019, the ZENAT community has surpassed 1500 distribution points and continues to grow!

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