Who are we

Oé is B Corp certified since 2017, it follows high societal and environmental standards and is part of a continuous improvement system. Oé is the first wine brand to put back in place the Deposit Return System, we also work on a zero waste logistic. We pledge 1% of our turnover to Oé Initiative for biodiversity in the vineyards and we contribute to collective carbon neutrality. In France, viticulture accounts for 4% of agriculture and 20% of pesticides. We want to change it ! Oé wines are vinified in closed partnership with organic certified small estates and passionate winemakers. Our wines are authentic and reflect their terroir. Our wines are certified organic, vegan, and pesticide-free. Oé winemakers go beyond the organic scope. With them, we aim for a regenerative viticulture. They protect biodiversity by using green fertilizers, turning some lands to agroforestry, creating spaces dedicated to wild animals, or installing bat nesting boxes for example.

Labels and certifications

Postal address and digital presence

69 rue Gorge de Loup

Website: https://oeforgood.com/