Maison Hamelle

Who are we

Hosted since 2019 at the very heart of Paris, in the lively Charonne neighborhood, the Maison Hamelle is a craft factory which produces elaborate liquors from maceration of herbs, fruits and spices. We aim at reinterpreting some of bars’ great classics (pastis, gin, aquavit) into products which fit the definition of modern, atypical and open to most audience, yet with a touch of complexity which will please the connoisseur as well. The factory is also open to public so to foster live exchange with anyone interested to discover some of our manufacturing techniques for our spirits, taste our batches, and of course purchase directly from us. The Maison Hamelle originates from the enthusiastic project of founder Jérôme Hamelle, lover of both exquisite spirits and craftmanship, who one day decided to leave all that he had previously built to fully dedicate himself to combining these two passions. Today, his factory has become the field of expression for seeking products which will taste as being authentic and original to a wide audience, this being achieved through the selection and distillery of high-quality ingredients. Surrounded and supported by passionate people, professional distillers and liquor merchants as well as simple amateurs, Jérôme pursues his quest for discovering new flavours through daily experimentations which lead to distinctive liquors. Instagram :# maisonhamelle

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Maison Hamelle
1 bis rue Carrière-Mainguet