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Built during the 14th century and remains of the French War of Religion, Chateau Bas d’Aumelas is located at 20 minutes from Montpellier. The estate entered in the d’Albenas family in the 18th century through a marriage and has been passed down from generation to generation ever since. In 2002, Jean Philippe and Geoffroy d’Albenas took over the wine producing activity and the old parcel of vines, torn off by their grandfather, get their original purpose back. Today they work on 22 hectares of vines in the AOP Grés de Montpellier organically, in a nature reserve. Highest point of the appellation area, at 350 meters above sea level the vines enjoy this incredible geographical position propitious the production of greats wines. We propose four ranges of wines: • The range Barathym, AOP Languedoc, a nod to the garigue and the crispness of the fruit. • The range of Chateau Bas d’Aumelas, AOP Grés de Montpellier, the expression of our terroir elaborates in an organic way. • The range Frère Sauvage, Vin de France, the recognition of the natural wines. Sulfite free, the true terroir of Chateau Bas. • The range Egerie, Chateau Bas standard bearer. This cuvée has received all the major international awards: the great wine of Chateau Bas

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