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The History of the Sourdet-Diot family begins in 1962, when Raymond and Yvette Sourdet decided to associate vine growing to agriculture. Since this date, three passionated generations have succeeded to transmit their love of the land. Carried by this passion of the vine and the terroir, their son, Patrick, and his wife, Nadine Diot, initiated to make thier own Champagne in 1975. Unifying theit two name, they gave birth to the House Champagne Sourdet-Diot. At first habilitated as Récoltant-Manipulant - Grower Champagne - their huge passion for Champagne united to the importance that they allow to the values of the terroir naturally leaded them to adherate to the Fédération des Vignerons indépendants in the begininng of the 2000's. This important stage of the History of the House allowed them to develop their sells by taking part of Wine Fairs in France and abroad. Althrough a vineyard of more than 8 hectares cultivated respectfully of the environment and certified with the HVE label, it is today Ludivine's - their daughter - turn to promote the unique terroir of the Marne Valley by blending accurately its characteristic variety of grapes, the Meunier, with the two classical varieties used in Champagne: the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir. Thanks to an ageeing process long of at least 3 years, each cuvee Champagne Sourdet-Diot offers you intense aromas while keeping a pleasant freshness.

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