Who are we

Mélanie & Jean-Rémi Drémont : We are a true family estate, authentic and passionate, and through our champagne, we are keen to share the values of simplicity and joie de vivre passed down the generations. In 2018, at less than 30 years old, my brother and I took over the vineyard, to become the 4th generation of vine-growers and the first generation of winemakers! Our ancestors were mainly farmers and vine-growers. But we are lucky and grateful to our parents because they planted - on the ancestral lands - most of the vineyard, going from 1ha to 7,5ha. Thanks to their support, we built our cellar and started vinification. We can now discover the wines hidden behind our plots and learn about the complex terroir offered by the meander the Marne river. Now committed to organic winegrowing (first certified harvest in 2022 on all the vineyard), our aim is to let each of our plots express their unique character, while protecting the biodiversity of our terroir. We practice grassing in the middle of the row and hoeing under vines. We work some of our plots with our own draft horse. Each plot is made into wine and aged separetly in a container best suited to revealing and enhancing it : - Barrels and demi-muids (200L to 600L) - Eggs (concrete egg-shaped tanks) - Small tanks in stainless steel and enamel Regarding our philosophy we interfere as little as possible the winemaking process (vey little sulphits, no heavy filtrations) so that we do not shake or destabilise our wines. In order to conserve as much freshness and liveliness as possible, we do not trigger malolactic fermentation. We bottle latte because our objective is to obtain a finished wine especially rich in aromas thanks to the 10 months pre-bottling aging on fine lees. All of this allows us to make use of a wide and flavoursome aromatic palette, enabling us to be free and creative when making our blends. Rising to the challenge of making Champagnes that reflect us and convey our history, terroir and values, we started with 10,000. This year was the 6st bottling with 30,000 bottles, the final objective to bottle 70,000 bottles per year. A range of precise, pure, gourmand and low or no-dosed champagnes, which is enriched with new cuvées each year.

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11 Rue Paul Hivet, ZA du Rugousset