AFW Authentic French Wines SARL

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Bonjour, We are 7 wineries familly owned and operated ! We produce wines AOPs : ALSACE, BORDEAUX : SAUTERNES, BARSAC, GRAVES, COTES DE BOURG, ST EMILION, CAHORS, CHAMPAGNE, CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE & CHABLIS. You can collect all your wines in one single place. Visit us and taste our Wines, Champagnes and more during Wine Paris Hall 3 H322 Santé ! AFW team Pauline, Céline, Patricia, Laura, Aurelie, Jerome & Arnaud CHATEAU SIMON - DOMAINE CHEVALLIER - DOMAINE DE SAINT SIFFREIN - VIGNOBLES RODET RECAPET - CHAMPAGNE E.JAMART & CIE - CHATEAU EUGENIE - DOMAINE CHARLES BAUR Instagram

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AFW Authentic French Wines SARL
29 route des Châteaux