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Our history: It is Corsica, its history, its people and its natural resources, which make the brand bear its name. Immortale Corsica represents Mediterranean know-how and ancestral cosmetics. How it all began: Immortale Corsica was born during a trip to California. Thomas Espino, the founder of the brand, surfer, then lived in California when he was introduced to the benefits of clay. During these years spent in the Golden State, he met people who were very influential to him in his way of thinking, analyzing, managing and creating. It is by moving away from his land, Corsica, that Thomas actually got closer to it. Back on his island, he decided to create with his father and a biologist friend, a brand using only natural ingredients from organic farming. Our mission: Nowadays most people use cosmetic products without knowing what they are putting on their skin, which sometimes can lead to allergic reactions due to certain ingredients. We are committed to using only 100% natural, sourced and respectfully grown ingredients. Immortale Corsica being directly inspired by the values ​​of the Island of Beauty, but also of the Mediterranean Sea, our mission is to create high-performance products, straight from Nature, without danger for your skin and for the environment. All our containers are made of recycled materials and therefore recyclable, to leave our children the planet they deserve. Our products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, fair trade, and Clean Beauty certified. Transparency, Respect, Trust, Satisfaction and Efficiency are the fundamental values ​​of Immortale Corsica. Our expertise: Immortale Corsica has in its team lovers of Corsica, more precisely of the Mediterranean Sea and the natural resources it shelters. We want to represent Mediterranean know-how and Ancestral Cosmetics by using only ingredients harvested and processed by enthusiasts who respect their land. To ensure impeccable quality, our Biology Engineer, a specialist in botany and the pH of the skin, is in charge of all our formulations, tests and developments in our own laboratory.

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