Who are we

The company was created in 2016, by Vincent LARTIZIEN, ex-professional surfer, who after more than 20 years playing on the biggest waves of the great Oceans of our planet, made the following observation : it is up to us to act and improve everything that goes wrong in our world. But in order to act, he needs a tool and hemp comes as an obvious one. The mission becomes clear : To nourish the health of all, through Hemp / Cannabis. The project is vast and the main ambitions are : THE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF AN ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL SECTOR OF FRENCH HEMP From 50 hectares in 2016 we are now at 500 hectares, FFL and BIOPARTENAIRE certified, with agricultural partners gathered in an association that benefits from a 1% of the turnover for its development fund. We are present from the selection and creation of seeds, to the collection of materials and the work on soil health. THE CREATION OF A HEMP MILL CAPABLE OF LOCALLY TRANSFORMING ALL PARTS OF THIS PLANT We are equipped with a fleet of machines for the transformation of the materials resulting from this plant, and are precursors in the development of new tools with industrial partners. We transform the seed for the food and cosmetic markets, We carry out the extraction of the active principles for their wellbeing or therapeutic use, We aim to transform the straw to extract the long fiber and the chenevotte : - long fiber for textile - chenevotte for its use in the building industry, the plastics or the animal industry. MARKETING OF PROCESSED PRODUCTS THROUGH OUR OWN BRANDS IN B2B AND B2C To bring all these processed products to the largest number of people, we distribute with our different brands through specialized networks, supermarkets or various industries. We supply the food industry, the cosmetics industry, the therapeutic industry and soon the textile industry, the building industry and the plastics industry. TOTAL AUTONOMY FROM THE SEED TO THE FINAL CUSTOMER Our approach is unique : to be present on the whole chain from the creation of varieties, the production of raw materials, their transformation on an industrial scale and their marketing to the greatest number of people, while applying an acute environmental conscience and a holistic approach mixing modern physics with the understanding of the subtle worlds of energies... We were born to change the world !

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