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THE SECRET POWER OF THE PINK ALGAE In the South of France, at the doorstep of the walled city of Aigues-Mortes, lays a wild and protected land: the Salt Lakes of Camargue. Every summer, the Salt Lakes offer a spectacular scenery: The Miracle of the Pink Waters. At the origin of this natural phenomenon, a Pink Algae, the Dunaliella Salina of Camargue. From March to August, in order to protect itself from the wind, sun and salt, the Pink Algae blooms with such intensity that it turns the waters where it lives into a shiny pink. The Pink Algae naturally produces carotenoids, percursor of Vitamin A, and glycerol. As the true ally for the skin, the Pink Algae shows incredible anti-ageing potential with remarkable effects on hydration, protection against oxidative stress, and radiance of the skin. Since 2015, ECLAE offers anti-ageing skincare of natural origin (up to 98% ingredients of natural origin), based on the radiance natural effect, with the Pink Algae in the heart of its formulas. Authenticity, naturality, efficiency and pleasure of use are at the core of our philosophy. Our cosmetics active ingredients are meticulously selected and their concentrations are optimised to offer absolute effectiveness, proven by clinical tests, for immediate and long-lasting results on anti-ageing and radiance of the skin. ECLAE is a pleasure cosmetics brand, 100% made in France, offering a short line with the essential steps of a complete beauty ritual, made for all ages and all skin types, in prevention or reparation: - 13 face care products - 4 body care products A patent has been registered on the Dunaliella Salina of Camargue as a cosmetics active ingredient.

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