Who are we

A family business founded at the foot of the Château de Grignan, in the Drôme provençale. OUR WATCHWORD Sharing our Art de Vivre and the Art of working the Land. Provence is our heritage as well as our source of inspiration. OUR COLLECTIONS’ PROMISE To daily create areas and moments of refined well-being. REFINEMENT AND ELEGANCE Durance is very attentive to details that enhance precious moments, create more intimate areas with special touches such as hand-tied raffia ribbons around candles. SERENITY AND HARMONY WITH NATURE Durance promotes an Art de Vivre that invites nature into our daily lives for increased harmony and serenity. THE PLEASURE OF OFFERING ONESELF A MOMENT OF WELL-BEING For Durance, Art de Vivre, is also the art of taking care of oneself with a moment of well-being. THE DEMAND FOR SELECT RAW MATERIALS With expertise and a demand for high quality, Durance selects noble and precious ingredients from Provence’s nature: organic olive oil from Nyons, organic essential Lavender oil from Grignan, organic Durance roses grown in the Drôme provençale. THE RESPECT FOR NATURE In order to obtain the best natural ingredients, Durance respects the natural life cycle of plants. Thus, each harvest respects nature. THE ART OF EXTRACTING THE BEST Durance pays special attention to handling their exceptional ingredients in order to extract their beneficial properties. For example, Durance roses are treated within two hours after picking for optimum freshness. MADE IN PROVENCE Because we love Provence, Durance products are produced and packaged in our workshops in Grignan, surrounded by truffle oaks and lavender fields where we work using traditional methods. TRANSPARENT INGREDIENT LIST Durance is especially attentive to the composition of its products, favoring ingredients of natural, local origin. We use vegetal oils instead of silicones or mineral oils. We have an ethical approach and refuse to use ingredients that are deemed irritants or harmful to the organism or the environment.

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Website: https://www.durance.fr/