Region: Guadeloupe

Who are we

Naomi MARTINO, the founder of the eponymous La Maison MARTINO, has been cultivating true artisanal know-how for over 14 years. Naomi MARTINO pursues this quest for excellence by becoming the only Master Chocolatier bean-to-bar in Guadeloupe, mastering the art of transforming cocoa into exquisite chocolates and imposing herself in the world of gourmet chocolate making by winning numerous awards. La Maison MARTINO wants to be the eminence of the tasting of the Guadeloupean Chocolate, a luxury in Guadeloupe. Naomi MARTINO has a singular approach to the creation of chocolate. Our mission is to bring together a complete expression that chocolate can offer by honoring the diversity of each region. We only make Grands Crus, characterized by their typicity, complexity, origin, land, time, fermentation, sugar, and roasting. Each of our chocolates has its own identity card, which evolves with time, seasons, and processing. At the heart of our company is the human touch. All our chocolates are made and carefully packaged by hand by a family team united by shared values in our human-sized workshop. Each gesture and product format is studied to maximize the moment of tasting, awakening in you a range of emotions and memories.

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Route de Montplaisir Hauteurs Bananier
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