L'Oustau de Camille

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Welcome to L’Oustau de Camille, the plant-based alternative for the “made in Provence” aperitif!

 At L'Oustau de Camille, we believe that in each dish there is an invitation to share, to create unforgettable moments. This is why we create recipes with Southern accents that make your aperitifs easier and more joyful ☀️ Our engagement ? Treat yourself ???? and do good ???? Camille is the founder. She shares with her lands of origin, the Mediterranean, the taste for perfumes, flavors, nature, the sense of sharing and generosity. These riches which only fully blossom in the sun. Convinced that it is necessary today to move towards a more sustainable diet, the desire to highlight the plant wealth of Provence emerged. Always with the same motto: reconcile “eat healthily” and “treat yourself”. But also “enjoy” and “share”. That’s when Camille’s Oustau was born: recipes for aperitifs, inspired by nature and its history, exclusively plant-based and very delicious. In its region where the aperitif culture is so well anchored, it is possible to eat healthily while respecting the environment and having fun... L'Oustau means home, house in Provençal, because it was in Camille's kitchen, the heart of her house, that it all began...

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L'Oustau de Camille
2000 route des Lucioles, Thalès A - CS 70337

Website: https://loustaudecamille.com/