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VERYTHING STARTED IN 2013 ON A SMALL ISLAND IN BORA BORA ​ Nowadays, the production site is located on Motu Temahu (small Temahu island) in the beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora. ​ The salt water is withdrawn far into the pure ocean. The nearest civilization is thousands of miles away which means the water is extremely clean and pure and so is the salt. It contains a lot of minerals and trace elements which are essential for the proper functioning of the human organism. 100% NATURAL 100% BORA BORA ​ Bora Bora sea salt is produced by a local family who live near the sea salt production site and constantly monitor its quality. Bora Bora sea salt is 100% natural, artisanal and harvested by hand. Bora Bora Sea Salt is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. AN EXTRAORDINARY GIFT FROM THE OCEAN ​ Bora Bora sea salt is available pure or it can be mixed with Tahitian vanilla, turmeric and ginger, or coconut. All ingredients are locally produced and are 100% organic and natural. This exotic condiment will be perfect to add a unique touch to all your culinary creations. Bora Bora sea salt is safely preserved in custom-made ceramic jars and comes in stylish gift boxes that are a popular gift for family, friends and customers no matter the occasion. . A PINCH OF SOUTH SEAS MAGIC FROM BORA BORA For several years, Bora Bora sea salt has been used by the best hotels and restaurants in Bora Bora such as Four Seasons, St. Regis, InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa and Conrad. Bora Bora Sea Salt is a partner of the French Polynesian airline Air Tahiti Nui. OFFERED TO THE WORLD ​ Bora Bora sea salt is exported worldwide from 2020 from a distribution center in France and is available in our online store or in certain locations. Some shops in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, the United Arab Emirates or the United States sell products made from Bora Bora sea salt. The French chef Anne-Sophie Pic of Maison Pic, a three-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide, won the very first prize for the best female chef in the world. Anne-Sophie uses salt in her cooking and sells it in her shop in Valence, France.

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