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Alvina is a pure product of nature. The water you drink is exceptional because it took its time. Exactly 20,000 years, from the moment it returned to the earth, to the moment it comes out of it to bring you its benefits. To transport this water, Alvina has also chosen naturalness. Alvina is stored in 100% biodegradable and compostable bottles made from sugar cane. Alvina is fortunate to have a rich scientific literature to explain its benefits. Its effectiveness against constipation has been studied by many scientists throughout the ages, and there are 17 medical and pharmaceutical theses on the subject to date. Our water is effective for 80% of people and does not claim to be a miracle solution, but a natural alternative to treatments against constipation. The Academy of Medicine itself attests to its effectiveness and writes The Commission was struck by the large number of medical publications devoted [...] to the medicinal properties of water.

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