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THE WORLD’S FIRST SPARKLING WINE The history of the Languedoc vineyards dates back to the fifth century BC, when the Greeks introduced the vine and its cultivation techniques. But it wasn’t until 1531 that the Benedictine monks of the St Hilaire Abbey, a village close to Limoux, produced the first sparkling wine in the world… The World’s first Sparkling Wine was born. Seduced by this sparkling wine, a local lord, the Sieur d'Arques got into the habit of quaffing Flascons of Blanquette to celebrate his victories. Four centuries later, in 1946, inspired by this historical anecdote, the winery’s founders took on the name of Sieur d'Arques. Since that day, the company has perpetuated the work of its remarkable artisans in a true desire to share their ancestral know-how with all lovers of exceptional wines. THE MARK OF GREAT WINES Since 1946, Sieur d'Arques company, located in Limoux (25km from Carcassonne), perpetuates a passionate tradition that has established the Languedoc-Roussillon as a creator of exceptional vintages. Their historical expertise, their eternal quest for quality, excellence and technical mastery allow them to sign-out some great wines for the enjoyment of all demanding wine lovers. A UNIQUE TERROIR On the cusp of two climatic influences, the Limoux vineyard is rich in variation. Consisting of over 1 592 hectares, the vinegrowers make the most of this diversity, distinguished into four terroirs, by carefully selecting the most suitable area for the production of grapes of exceptional quality.

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