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OUR STORY – PASSION & ODDS In 2004 Eisso has his very first sip of kombucha, made by his mother. She has been home-making her kombucha since a few years but never got Eisso to taste this revolting thing. He finally tries it as asa cure and is sold: no more sodas! Inspite of his career in international business he’s falls in a sad depression and decides in 2005 to walk out of his life in Holland. With his last money he records a CD called Clochard Deluxe, which he sells around markets in Provence for next coming three years. When she visits her son in October 2005 Anne-Marie transmits him two of her SCOBY’s so he can brew his own kombucha. In his old Provence mansion it will take him one year of trial and error, three jars and a notebook to give birth to the famous recipe. 2006 Eisso can’t meet demand for his drink anymore, so starts dreaming of buying tanks 2007 He founds D-TOX Ltd and deposits the brand 2010 The very first bottles arrive in organic food shops in and around Aix-en-Provence 2010 Valery Symphorien joins the company capital 2012 Aqcuisition of an automated bottling line 2018 Production premises are almost doubled 2018 Cooled storage room is built 2019 D-TOX is the first kombucha in the EU ever to be recognised as a food supplement 2019 Development and launch of Château de la Crau 2022 D-TOX wins the bronze medal on the EU first kombucha concours ever, organised by France Bière Challenge OUR TEAM Eisso Weert jr – Founder & Managing Director After International Business School, Eisso built a rather unconventional track record in both artistic and business environments, notably import-export, packaging for the food processing industry, sport and music. However, D-TOX is the ultimate expression of his two faces: business and creation. For Eisso it’s a beautiful story of passion and experience coming together. Valéry Symphorien – Finance & Adminstration Manager A Southern Frenchman with an American dream, which he made come true from scratch. At the age of 28 his major breakthrough was restructuring a semi-industrial organic bakery in the South of France. Ten years later he decided resale at maturity to meet a new promising adventure: invest in D-TOX. He’s a genuinly solid admistrative pillar in the company.

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