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We love the wine and the power of creation that produces it. Anyone who has known the gnarled beauty of the Minervois, the mists on the hilly landscape, the Mediterranean vegetation, is captivated by its originality. We love this region, which reveals the varied history it has lived in its buildings and archaeological traces: prehistoric caves and dolmens, castles and ruins, Romanesque buildings between rocks and water. These stone testimonies give way to myths, especially that of the Cathars, who left their mark in the region before being destroyed during the so-called Albigensian crusades. A very long viticulture characterizes the Minervois. Today, other wine-growing regions may be better known, but this does not change the incredible potential that lies dormant in the Minervois vineyards. Our 28-hectare estate, certified organic since August 2022, offers us beautiful cuvées.

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