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The Legend of Cognac ! 400 years ago, in Segonzac, the Chevalier de la CROIX MARON invented cognac. To this day, CROIX MARON Cognacs are the expression of an ancestral savoir-faire and the fineness of their land of origin: Grande Champagne, 1st cru of Cognac. “ Legend has it that double distillation was invented by the Chevalier de la Croix Maron, Lord of Segonzac, a pious man who dreamt that Satan was trying to damn his soul. In his dream, he saw himself in the Devil’s cauldron, but his faith was so deeply anchored in his soul that it resisted the first “cooking”. To achieve his ends, the Devil was forced to “cook” it again. When he woke up, the Chevalier had the idea of extracting the “soul” of eau-de-vie with a second distillation.” This is how the legend on the origin of the discovery of double distillation for Cognac eaux-de-vie was perpetuated in the region. Distilled in the heart of the region where Cognac draws its roots, according to the same centuries-old methods, CROIX MARON Cognacs are, still today, the legacy of this tradition.

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