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Château Petit Val, a 14-hectare (34 acres) wine estate located in the Saint-Émilion Grand cru appellation. The story begins in 2014 when Jean-Louis and Olivia Alloin decide to invest in the Bordeaux vineyard. This story also includes an important encounter, when Jean-Louis and Olivia came across David Liorit, a passionate winegrower and consultant, to whom they decided to entrust this discrete jewel. The real asset of the Château Petit Val estate is the diversity and complementarity of its different terroirs. The vineyard consists of 14 hectares (30 acres) of perfectly balanced sandy clay and clayey limestone soils, ideal characteristics for wine growing. Certified HEV 3 (High Environmental Value), Château Petit Val has adopted a rational cultivation method that seeks to preserve natural balances while protecting the vines and their environment, taking into account the weather in order to produce excellent fruit. Château Petit Val favors working the soil with horses, the grapes are entirely hand-picked. Biodiversity in the soil and ecosystem are promoting by planting cereals and maintaining a grass cover crop. Further biodiversity is achieved by planting fruit trees and hedges, and installing bee hives in order to produce our Miel du Val. The diversity of Château Petit Val also depends on innovation and the production of varied cuvées. Château Petit Val, the great wine, is produced in such a way as to reveal all the richness of our terroirs. Muse du Val, the exclusive cuvée, grows on clayey limestone slopes with a very special exposure. It is made from the vinification of whole bunches and is aged in French oak barrels for 16 to 18 months. Margo, Cuvée de cœur : this monovarietal Cabernet Franc is aged exclusively in amphorae without the addition of sulphites. This cuvée is produced every year to serve a charitable purpose. Rose du Val completes the range, subtle and elegant, this rosé wine is made on the Saint-Émilion Grand cru terroir. The end of 2021 was punctuated by the launch of two new cuvées. Orfèvre du Val, our Saint-Émilion interpretation of Riesling and a nod to Olivia Alloin’s Alsace origins. The first one in Saint-Émilion ! Valentina, our 100% Malbec cuvée in AOC Saint-Émilion Grand cru, reveals a subtle mix of violets and spices. Jean-Louis and Olivia Alloin have dedicated this wine to Valentina, David Liorit’s daughter.

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