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In the heart of the Domfrontais (Normandy), the land of pears and apples, our natural farm and AOC products come from high-stem orchards, meadow orchards under which our Norman cows graze. The Grimaux farm, spread over 140 hectares, has 1000 pear trees and 600 high-stemmed apple trees that do not require any inputs. These majestic trees, of which we are proud, are at the height of their beauty in May, during the flowering period. The harvest takes place in October-November. These are small pears and apples whose varieties have been selected on the farm, from generation to generation, for their cider and perry juices. These apples cover the ground where they are collected and then pressed. Under the watchful eye of Frédéric, Catherine and Simon, the magic of the natural fermentation process slowly takes place in our cellars...

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