Who are we

CDF Sourcing is your partner to build a long-term relationship with your natural oils’ suppliers aiming at providing you with the best quality added-value products while protecting your sourcing environment. CDF Sourcing offers you oils produced by Cœur de Forêt, a non-profit organisation working at restoring forests and building sustainable social, economic, and commercial environment. Sustainability is Coeur de Forêt DNA, from scientific approach of tree-planting to quality of production processes, fair trade, producers training, etc. Coeur de Forêt and CDF Sourcing goal is to benefit to all – from environment to people, and eventually to our customers. Productions come from Madagascar but also Indonesia, Bolivia… It includes: - Natural and Pure Essential Oils - such as cinnamon, citriodora, citronella, curcuma, cypress, dingadingana, eucalyptus globulus, geranium bourbon, cloves, helichrysum gymnocephale, katrafay, mandravasarotra, niaouli, pepper, ravinstara, ylang-ylang... - Natural and Pure Vegetable Oils - such as baobab, calophyllum, moringa, jojoba, ricin... For more information, go to

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