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Wine is first and for all a story. Pierrick Harang Wine’s doesn’t spring up from the land. There is no family castle, no extensive vineyards, but five generations line of wine merchants and oenologists, all sharing the same drive to create the best. Our wines are created, designed, made and sold by Pierrick Harang in partnership with our vines grower, Les Celliers Jean d'Alibert close to Carcassonne, and focus on: -a concept: Le Petit Balthazar, varietal wines naturally light in alcohol and in calories at 11 % vol. - a personality: Cuvée Balthazar, A wine, that tastes like the echoes of its own name! - a philosophy: Le Bio Balthazar. - an Icon : Le Grand Balthazar. - celebrations: Les Bulles de Balthazar. - your own made-tailor wine. In addition of the Bio and NOP certifications on both Bio Balthazar and Les Bulles de Balthazar, our other wines are HVE or will be HVE from a sustainable farming certified Terra Vitis or Ocacia. Cellar, bottling site and warehouse of les Celliers Jean d'Alibert are IFS, BRC, organic and NOP certified. So that the story can continue to be beautiful...

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