Who are we

Created in 2018, SOKOZA FRANCE is a French company based in the Paris region and owner of the QMIX cosmetics brand QMIX Paris for Women, Men and Children. Its high-quality body care products are designed, developed and packaged in France. They are free from animal substances and contain no mineral oil-based ingredients. What's more, QMIX PARIS has one of the most restrictive lists of banned ingredients on the market. In our quest for constant excellence, we regularly adapt our products. Not only to take advantage of the latest research in cosmetics, but also to take an eco-responsible approach and respond to the real needs of the skin. With this in mind, 97% of our ingredients are of natural origin. Our products are manufactured and packaged in France, and the ingredients used are French. They respect the environment. That's why we claim to be made in France - our manufacturers are transparent about their production methods, and traceability is a guarantee of product quality. It's the recognition of know-how, of the professionalism of researchers, of innovation, of incredible textures, of 'French-style' gestures, of excellence, of attention to detail. French cosmetics are recognised the world over. They are true ambassadors of the France brand.

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