Hana Kana

Who are we

Hana Kana is a holistic beauty and wellness brand Holistic means that we see the human being, his well-being and his daily life as a whole, as much through the physical, psychic, emotional, spiritual dimensions… I use the tools offered by Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and meditation through a transparent range developed in the Perpignan region. I have suffered of eating disorders for many years. The daily fight against anorexia turned me to alternative medicine. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine are open to me, I was also introduced to Reiki. Passionate about herbalism and natural products, I make a habit of sharing my journey and advice. I have designed a range to achieve homeostasis and body-mind reconnection. I thus bring to life all the tools that I have approached during my recovery. I gave birth to Hana Kana for anyone who wants to reconnect and feel good. I make fumigation sticks from wild medicinal plants. I harvest in my region, so I respect the seasonality and the life cycle of the plants. I tend to highlight our local biodiversity. I also make oils and hydrosols infused with flowers and semi-precious stones from wild harvests or organic productions. I work with an artisanal oil mill/distillery We have an energetic manufacturing process through lithotherapy, color therapy, music and water memory. The Hana Kana philosophy is a search for personal development, an increased state of consciousness and an elevation of the spirit: the creations are thus designed to bring men and women the power to accept themselves as they are through an individual spiritual journey. Hana Kana is a 360° approach with ritual tools, fumigation workshops, self-massage, facial yoga and energy rebalancing treatments. I propose a solution revealing the values ​​of alternative medicine rooted in our daily lives. Because holistic well-being lies in the moments that we agree

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