Maison Colibri

Who are we

- Maison Colibri -  Founded in 1896, Colibri is the oldest industrial pastry shop in France, established in Pons in Charente-Maritime. With more than 120 years of history, it is with its chocolate shell madeleine recipe, patented in 1973, that Colibri has become a key player in the world of pastry. Since 2017, the creation of our Maison Colibri brand has brought up to date this historical know-how where quality and premium execution and taste are at the heart of all our recipes. All our pastries are: MADE IN FRANCE FREE FROM PALM OIL FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS AND FOOD COLORING PACKAGED IN RECYCLABLE PAPER BAG * (* see local sorting instructions) … ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS ! What we stand for :  PLEASURE : Restore taste and pleasure with gourmet melt-in-the-mouth recipes, generous products & crunchy chocolate shells QUALITY : Simple, high-quality ingredients: fine salt from the Ile de Ré, local flour, French chocolate, pastry butter etc. OUR SPECIAL TOUCH : Surprising, original and premium recipes that bring a brand-new pastry experience.

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