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DAIRY EXPERTS SINCE 1990 Our credo: SERVICE! Supporting our customers in their dairy raw material needs - Technical, product and dairy market expertise - Listening to requirements - Flexibility and adaptability - Competitive and selected sourcing Ensuring to our customers safety and security in the transport of their goods - A performing logistics support: transport all over the world, including cross-trade, in compliance with local and international regulations - Storage of goods in dry and or cold stores - Extensive network: trusted partners all over the world - Guarantee of the quality, safety and traceability of the distributed ingredients Certifications : - IFS Broker - AEO - ECOCERT Approximately 100,000 tonnes of products distributed each year 3 commercial pilars: - Head office in Rennes, Brittany, France - 1 subsidiary in China - 1 office in Uruguay (Montevideo) 1 production plant: - Lacticare: production of infant formula powders and alternative milk powders OUR COMPLETE RANGE OF DAIRY INGREDIENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS - Milk powders: SMP 0%, FCMP 26%, spray or roller, instant or regular, high heat, low heat, medium heat, heat stable... - Fat filled powders: Fat filled milk powders, regular or instant, 18%, 24%, 26%, 28%... Fat filled whey powders - Butters: lactic or sweet cream butter, salted or unsalted, AMF, tourage butter (puff pastry, croissant, danish pastry), AOP butter, organic butter... - Creams: pasteurised or UHT cream, thick or liquid cream, organic cream, whipping cream... - Cheeses: cheddar, edam, gouda, mozzarella, mascarpone, cream cheese... - Proteins: MPC, MPI, WPC, WPI - Whey powders: sweet, acid, demineralized - Caseins: acid, rennet - Caseinates: calcium, sodium, potassium - Lactose: edible or refined - UHT milk, flavoured milk, condensed milk - Goat milk powder ... OUR EXPORT RANGE - CONSUMERS - FOOD SERVICE: - Conventional and organic infant goat's milk powder - Processed cereal-based food (sheep's milk, rice...) - UHT milk - Flavoured milk - UHT whipping cream - Goat's milk powder - Sheep's milk powder ...

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