Who are we

The Domaine exists almost since 2 centuries. At the beginning, the Domaine worked only on 2 hectares. - We were one of the first Domaine in Maconnais to market a part of our production of Pouilly Fuissé and Mâcon Villages in bottles It was in 1935. This decision gave us a real impulse on the market place of wines. - At the same time, Jospeh Corsin decided to begin a wine merchant activity and thanks to him we had contact with US and we work with your country since then. - At this time, we had mostly Pouilly Fuissé and Mâcon Villages. But, in 1971, at the birth of Saint Veran appelation, André Corsin (Joseph’s son), decided to expend the Domaine by including Saint Véran plots and more Pouilly Fuissé plots. - After that, André’s sons, Gilles and Jean – Jacques decided to continue to work on the Domaine. Jean – Jacques retired at the beginning of the year 2019 and, now,, his son, Jeremy works on the Domaine, particulary in the vineyards and his uncle Gilles works in the winery. - Jeremy is the 6th (sixth) generation on the Domaine. With his uncle, they work on 13.6 hectares now. We have 3 differents focus of activity : - Jeremy and Franck (employee since 35 years) work in the vineyards. They prune, they bend, they thin out the leaves by hand all over the year. We really try to work in a sustainable way All the harvest is made by hand with seasonal employees. - Gilles is in charge of in the winery, he decides when the wine has to be bottled. Most of the time he uses natural yeast in the wines and a few of sulfites. In the spirit of sustainable demarche, Gilles add suflites when he needs to but not in anticipation. - Marine is in charge of the administrative part of the Domaine and works also on the wine trade part. HVE Since he arrived on the Domaine at the beginning of the year 2019, Jeremy worked for our sustainable work could be recognize by our customers. That’s why he enrolled the Domaine in a High Environmental Values certfication. - It shows that we preserve the biodiverdity - Our phytosanitary strategy doesn’t have a bad impact on the environment - A good manage on fertilization

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