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An adventure initiated in 1941 by Gilbert Castan. For 3 generations, the Castan family has shared the passion for spirits, the experience of distillation, the rigor of production. The project to create a French whiskey started around Jacques Castan's still in 2010. A new generation distillery was built in 2007 where the stills of the Castan family are housed. First distillery in Occitania, VILANOVA Whiskeys are limited editions, with unique characteristics. The Castan house is recognized for the quality of its spirits, the tradition and the art of distillation. VILANOVA is a brand of French whiskey recognized in France. The distillery offers several expressions of its range, combining aromas and know-how in the territory of Villeneuve sur Vère, in the Tarn. All stages of whiskey production are carried out on the distillery site: Barley cultivation by the Castan farm, brewing, distillation, aging and bottling. The distillery uses spring water, drawn from a depth of 110 meters.

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