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Eclor is the beverage division of Agrial, a farming and food cooperative, with a broad product portfolio. It is a leader on the French Cidre Market, owning well-known brands like Loïc Raison and Ecusson. These brands offer varied cidres from brut to rosé, organic to flavoured. In addition to French traditional cidres, Eclor widens its range thanks to its delicious cider, Louis Raison. Eclor also offers a large variety of nonalcoholic products, such as: sparkling juices, apple juices, drinking vinegars and other drinks worldwide. All these products are sold in supermarkets as well as restaurants, bars and bistros. We are historically leader on the French Cidre Market but through the years, we have have gained expertise in various drinking categories by playing with the flavours of the different varieties of apples harvested in our own orchards. Thus, we are able to offer our clients a very diverse product portfolio with our own national brands but also private label brands. Being part of Agrial, one of the biggest French agricultural cooperative, we closely work with the apple producers so we can have a better control on the quality management of our apples from the orchards to the finished products. We also strongly collaborate to develop innovative apple varieties like the Rouge Délice apple, a natural red-fleshed apple that brings a unique taste and a beautiful color to our drinks. Our international presence is also a huge asset to the company. Eclor has operated in the United States since 2012 with Manzana based in California and specialising in the manufacture of 100% organic apple sauces, apple cider vinegars and apple juices. With the purchase of Seattle Cider in 2016, Agrial bolstered its American presence by developing cider production for the local market. More recently, with the acquisition of Aston Manor in 2018, Eclor has expanded its operations in Great Britain, the largest cider market in the world. The Birmingham-based Aston Manor is the UK’s largest independent cider producer and the second leading player on the British Cider Market, with a successful range of brands such as Friels, Frosty Jack’s and Kingston Press. Eclor has made international development its priority as part of Agrial’s ‘Horizon 2025’ strategy. Our model is based on 4 values shared by all the women and men who make up the Group : sustainability, proximity, solidarity and audacity.

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