Who are we

Our Family estate is shared between Grande Champagne 1st Cru of Cognac, and Fins Bois Cru, our Cognacs are frequently praised by the specialist press and awarded gold medals in international competitions. Between Complexity and Power of the Cognac Grande Champagne François VOYER, Finesse and Lightness of the Fins Bois of VAUDON Cognacs, our perpetual quest of quality and authenticity, gives us the possibility be present on the most prestigious restaurants in France and around 45 countries in the world. Since 1811, the oldest gold medal for our family Cognac, generations has passed and worked to bring the blending skill, led today by Pierre Vaudon or winemaking embodied by Anne Marie Vaudon. This great History gives to this Cognac Estate credibility to perpetuate its values around a wide range of Cognacs.

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