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once part of the huge Chateau de Vayres Chateau Toulouze became an estate of its own in 1798.the appellation - Gravec de Vayres- and the Estate - Chateau Toulouze - are mentioned in the first edition of the Féret book of Bordeaux wines in 1832, where the local wines were considered as the second wines of Pomerol. the soils of sands , gravels and clay allow a perfect expression of the Merlot grape , the base of our blends. Chateau Toulouze is now under rebirth. A new cellar, new equipments, vineyard expansion and a turn to the organic grape growing make of Chateau Toulouze a modern place taking its roots in a rich history. Families have succeeded here to make this past the success of tomorrow. Chateau Toulouze is focusing on export markets in Asia and Americas, sharing our past and building our future.

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