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The Ministry of Sports defines the overarching objectives of France’s sports policy, establishing its legal framework and ensuring general interest’s protection. The national sports policy is structured around four key areas of action:


  • Promoting Sports for All: this initiative focuses on encouraging sports participation, particularly among those who are less engaged in physical activities.
  • Organizing Elite Sports: this area aims to maintain France's position among the leading sports nations.
  • Prevention and Protection: efforts in this area include preventing doping, violence, racism, cheating, and all forms of discrimination, as well as protecting athletes.
  • Promoting Sports Careers and Employment: this involves the promotion of careers in sports and the development of employment opportunities within the sports sector.

In addition to these four themes, there is a cross-cutting dimension that pertains to enhancing the international influence of French sports and contributing to the regulation of sports activities at the international and European levels.

The French sports model emphasizes several core values: the educational and social benefits of sports, sports as a factor for health and well-being, unity among various forms of sports activities, and solidarity between professional and amateur sports.

Given its exemplary values and its ability to unite and mobilize, sports can and must play a significant role in national efforts concerning environmental protection and ecological transition.

To implement public sports policies, the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games relies on a central administration, decentralized services, four expert missions, and a network of public institutions. The Ministry of Sports also oversees the strategy for major events in which France participates or organizes.


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