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Anivin de France is the national association representing all still wine producers under the Vin De France (VDF) designation. Recognized as a commun interest trade representataive by the Franch governement, Anivin de France is in charge of promoting Vin De France both within France and world wide. The members of the association represents various segments of the industry:


UMVIN: Represents companies and négociants.
VIF: Represents independent winemakers.
VCF: Represents cooperatives (formerly known as CCVF).


Anivin de France is in charge of :

Regulation: Informing members about applicable regulations related to Vin De France.
Defense: Safeguarding the freedom created by the Vin De France designation, both domestically and internationally.
Promotion: Developing marketing markets for these wines through PR activities, trade shows, contests, and advertising.
Economy: Enhancing market knowledge and organization to inform members.
Coordination: Ensuring ongoing collaboration among different professional families involved in Vin De France.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Investing in research, particularly for a sustainable vineyard dedicated to Vin De France, aligned with the desired wine profile




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