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INTERFEL is a private association, created in 1976, which brings together and provides equal representation of professional organisations for the production and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables.
The public authorities recognise it as the only national interprofessional association for fresh fruit and vegetables and authorise it to produce interprofessional agreements which have the force of law.
To strengthen our voice, our organisation has adopted several missions :
- To promote a high level of quality which will satisy the customer and improve the competitiveness of the sector,
- To assess public awareness of our products and to understand the expectations of consumers,
- To establish and promote the role of fresh fruit and vegetables as part of the diet in our society,
- To provide information and promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables on a national as well as a regional level.
- To improve our market share at an international level.

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The fruit and vegetable sector


In France, the fruit and vegetable sector represents: 75,000 companies, 450,000 direct jobs, including 250,000 seasonal.
France is the 4th largest producer of fruit and vegetables in Europe after Spain, Italy and Poland.
Production amounts to over 7.8 million tonnes with 5.5 million tonnes destined for the fresh market (excluding potatoes)

Professionals in the fresh fruit and vegetables sector, each at their own level, are committed to ensuring control of quality and food safety, thus offering consumers products rich in know-how. Preserving and enhancing the authenticity and quality of the French offering are the industry's priorities.