About us

INTERBEV is the French Interprofessional Livestock and Meat Association, founded in 1979 on the initiative of organizations representing the French livestock and meat industry. It reflects the willingness of professionals in the bovine, ovine, equine and caprine sectors to offer consumers healthy, quality products identified throughout the sector.

Our missions

INTERBEV federates and promotes the common interests of livestock farming, industrial and commercial activities in this sector, which is one of the leading economic activities in France. In order to better integrate society's expectations, professionals in the sector have come together around a social responsibility approach, the "Societal Pact", which aims to collectively respond to challenges in terms of environment, animal wellbeing, fair compensation and attractiveness of jobs in order to provide quality and sustainable food.

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Key figures


France is the leading cattle herd in Europe with 18 million cattle (including 10 million suckler breeds) raised on 142,500 farms. France is also the leading beef producer in Europe with 1.43 million tonnes produced per year. The beef sector employs more than 500,000 people and represents a turnover of around 10 billion, of which 10% for the export of cattle. 15% of French beef production is exported to more than 40 countries.
French cattle breeding methods are among the most natural. The animals are raised on grass and hay in family-type farms (60 cattle on average), the feed is grass and hay-based, 90% of the ration for suckler cattle is produced on the farm . No hormones, no antibiotics as growth promoters are used. Farms and production tools comply with reinforced standards of traceability (animal passport) and health safety (veterinarians mandated by the State).
The products offered (meat and offal) are of very high quality, the know-how of French-style cutting is acclaimed throughout the world. French beef is particularly recognized for its lasting flavour, juiciness, tenderness, marbling and adaptability to all type of cuisines.