About us

Created in 1974, the National Interprofessional Dairy Economics Center (Cniel) is the association that brings together organizations representing dairy cow producers, private dairy companies, dairy cooperatives, and stakeholders in commerce, distribution, and collective catering.


  • Provides shared economic insights for a better understanding of markets and streamlined commercial relations.
  • Conducts monitoring, foresight, economic, scientific, and societal expertise work.
  • Develops and deploys tools among industry stakeholders to improve economic, health, technical, and environmental performance.
  • Creates a common framework to ensure the quality of milk and dairy products, particularly through interprofessional agreements that have the force of law.
  • Explores potential export markets to find new outlets.
  • Invests in pre-competitive and interdisciplinary research programs and transfers results to professionals.
  • Participates in public debate on topics of interest to the industry and builds dialogue with the citizen sphere.
  • Promotes dairy professions to enhance the attractiveness of the industry.
  • Advocates collective interest proposals to public authorities and articulates the industry's challenges.
  • Informs about the industry and dairy products, particularly their role in sustainable nutrition.
  • Promotes the French dairy industry and dairy products in France and internationally.

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