About us

The Bayonne Ham Consortium is a syndicate of producers established in 1991. Organized as an interprofessional body, it gathers every actor involved in the production of Bayonne hams (pig farms, livestock producers, cutting plants, curing units, salt manufacturer). The Bayonne Ham Consortium is accredited by the INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality) as an organization for the defense and management of the Bayonne ham sector.

Our missions

The main mission of the Bayonne ham Consortium is to defend and protect the name, the product and the terroir of the Bayonne ham, to enhance the value of the product as well as the statistical knowledge of the sector.

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Stéphanie COURALET

21 boulevard de la Marquette
64000 Bayonne


  • Approximately 1,025,000 Bayonne hams per year
  • EUR 100 million in turnover
  • 800 pig farms
  • 38 livestock producers
  • 28 cutting plants
  • 29 curing units
  • 1 seul sel : salt of Salies-de-Béarn
  • 1 exclusive salting and curing region : Adour Basin in the South-West of France