Launch of the New International Campaign 'Make It Iconic'

November 2nd 2023 

A groundbreaking international campaign, 'Make It Iconic' envisioned by President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, took off on October 30th. Spanning across France and five other countries - Germany, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, India, and the United States - its primary aim is to bolster France's global appeal.


This initiative will be represented by influential figures such as Thomas Pesquet, Kylian Mbappé, Mory Sacko and Anne-Sophie Pic.

Each of them embodies a specific value, a daring ethos, and collectively they encourage us to embrace, dare, and share the audacity that defines France. The ‘Make it Iconic’ campagne also highlights France's appeal to make the country more appealing globally.

For further details and to engage with the campaign, visit the Choose France website or follow our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.